Create this marbled聽 馃 cupcake that resembles tiger stripes!
Topped with some luscious chocolate ganache and chocolate buttercream, this treat will definitely have your stomach growling! 馃惎



12 cupcakes

Prep Time

2 hrs聽

Cook Time

15 mins

Total Time

2h & 15 mins



Vanilla and Chocolate Cake Batter

150g of Egg Yolks
210g of聽Sugar
120g of Heavy Cream
140g of Type 55 Flour
4g of聽Baking Powder
64g of Butter
32g of Auro Unsweetened Cacao Powder

    1. Melt the butter in a saucepan and set aside.
    2. Sift the flour and baking powder together, set aside.
    3. Whisk the egg yolks with the sugar in a mixing bowl until just pale.
    4. Whisk in the heavy cream.
    5. Add melted butter then whisk to a smooth batter.
    6. Divide the batter in 2. In the first piping bag, add the Vanilla batter. In the second, add sifted cacao powder to the Villa batter and place in a separate piping bag.
    7. Pipe it to create a marble effect and bake it at 165 C for 12 to 14 minutes.
    Chocolate Ganache

    100g of Cream
    100g of Auro 64%聽Dark Chocolate

      1. Boil the cream and pour it on the Chocolate
      2. Chill for 2 hours

      230g of Butter
      340g of Icing Sugar
      40g of Auro Unsweetened Cacao Powder
      80g of Cream

      1. Mix butter and icing sugar together using a mixer with a whisk attachment.
      2. Add sifted cacao powder and slowly pour the cream over it.
      3. Pipe it directly on top your cupcake's base.



      1. Sprinkle your choice of toppings such as sprinkles.