Fine Filipino Chocolate

Single origin chocolate made with sustainably sourced cocoa beans from Davao farmers

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Proudly Filipino Bean-to-Bar Chocolate

An internationally awarded fine bean-to-bar chocolate brand rooted in sustainability through direct-trade and crafted using only the best ingredients to create quality Filipino products.

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Our Products

Fine single-origin cacao and chocolate made with sustainably sourced beans from our farming partners in Mindanao.



A wide selection of ready-to-eat, internationally awarded Filipino bean-to-bar chocolates perfect as a tasty treat or thoughtful gift.

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Premium couverture chocolate with 100% cacao butter crafted for all your baking, cooking and drinking needs.

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Custom Bars

Unique Filipino bean-to-bar chocolates customized for celebrations, collaborations and special events.

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Cacao Beans

Fine Filipino cacao from single estates and varieties processed with our unique post-harvest protocols to optimize flavor.

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Auro Chocolate Sauce

Add a layer of flavor to your dish with our Auro Chocolate Sauce.   Ingredients: 100g Auro 77% Dark Chocolate 120g of Milk  20g of Water 5g of Crea...

Auro Chocolate Unsweetened Cacao Drink

Have a sip of the gold with our award-winning Auro Chocolate Tablea drink.    Ingredients: 150g 100% Auro Chocolate Tablea 300ml milk or water    S...

Auro chocolate is taking chocolate making in the philippines to a whole new level.

Philippine Daily Inquirer 2017

A world-class pinoy creation

The Philippine Star 2017

Elevating the way farmers and chocolatiers work together.

Grid Magazine 2017