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Auro Chocolate is an internationally awarded tree-to-bar chocolate brand that promotes sustainability by working directly with local farmers to create fine Filipino cacao beans, ingredients and retail products with unique and bold tropical flavors.

  • Fastest growing premium tree-to-bar chocolate company in the Philippines.
  • Retail stores and cafes in the Philippines, Japan and Bahrain.
  • Innovative collaborations with leading companies.
  • International recognition
  • Wide range of fine flavour cacao and chocolate products for different industries.
  • Greater social impact with Beyond Bean-to-Bar approach.
  • AURO

    The name originates from the combination of “Au” which is the chemical symbol of Gold in the periodic table, and “Oro” which is the Filipino and Spanish word for gold. Auro represents our pursuit to refine Philippine cacao and elevate the lives of our local farmers who are as precious as gold.


    Kelly Go and Mark Ocampo are the Co-Founders and Managing Directors of Auro Chocolate. They are extremely passionate about all things chocolate. They both grew up in the Philippines and first met in Chicago over a decade ago and instantly bonded over their love of food and culture.

    Kelly studied Political Science and International Studies at the University of Chicago. After university, she attended Le Cordon Bleu Paris for Culinary Arts to gain a deeper appreciation and knowledge of fine food.

    Mark started out in robotics then moved towards design and advertising at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. After university, he did brand work for multinationals and some of the most influential personalities in America.

    They took an immersive course at the ZDS Institute in Germany to learn more about chocolate production from prominent professionals in the industry. In 2015, they decided to move back to home to start Auro and make a difference through fine chocolate.

    Beyond Bean-to-Bar

    Auro Chocolate goes “beyond bean to bar” by closely involving ourselves in every step of the process while remaining committed to consistency, quality, innovation and social impact.

    Core Values


    We apply innovation in every step of our tree-to-bar process, from the programs we do on the ground all the way to the experience we bring to our consumers while remaining committed to the quality and sustainability of our products. Through innovation, we are able to share the unique flavors and potential of Philippine cacao to the world.

    Traceability and Transparency

    All of our cacao beans come from rich agricultural communities that have unique terroir and passionate farmers who cultivate top quality beans in the country. To communicate the value of their work, we facilitate all forms of direct trade and partnerships in the supply chain so that we can provide honest, traceable products to our clients.


    We are committed to developing programs that benefit and empower our farmers and employees. Through meaningful training, fair pay, and additional benefits, we want to foster the growth and development of empowered individuals.


    Learning is an important key for us to create a positive impact for both our partner communities and customers. By raising consumer awareness and knowledge of the issues the industry faces both at the farmer level and company level, we aim to elevate the value of craft chocolate as a gateway for sustainability.


    As a company that works with the agricultural sector, we continuously improve our process to become more sustainable and environmentally-friendly in producing and packing our products.

    We involve ourselves in every step of the fine chocolate making process to guarantee better quality and consistency for our customers. By going beyond, we commit to our values that reflect the significance of the tree-to-bar process in creating a long-lasting impact for our stakeholders as we source and produce within the same origin.

    Cacao Journey From Tree...

    A. Manila Galleon Trade

    Cacao was first brought to the Philippines during the Manila-Acapulco Galleon Trade in the 17th century, making the country the first in Asia to cultivate cacao. Since then, cacao production and consumption have been deeply integrated into Filipino cultural heritage. Furthermore, the bean-to-bar movement has played a pivotal role in not only reviving but reinventing traditional products like Tablea with more emphasis on quality and fine flavor.

    B. Cultivation

    Once a cacao seedling is planted, it takes 3 to 5 years for it to start bearing fruit.

    C. Harvesting

    When cacao season rolls in, fully ripened and healthy pods are carefully harvested from trees. A cacao tree can bear fruit to approximately 40 pods per tree.

    D. Pod Breaking

    From harvest, wet cacao mass are then extracted from the pods by breaking the shells using a pod splitter. A typical cacao pod can contain 20 to 40 wet beans, thus a cacao farmer can extract as much as 1000 beans per tree.

    E. Fermentation

    The wet cacao mass is then fermented in wooden boxes for 4 to 6 days. As a vital step to maximize genetic flavor potential, Auro has developed special protocols to bring out the unique taste of Philippine cacao.

    F. Solar Drying

    Fermented beans are placed on a solar dryer to reduce moisture.

    G. Sorting

    Fermented dried beans then undergo thorough checking to ensure quality.

    H. Grading

    Fermented and sorted beans are graded to determine degree of fermentation and presence of defects. These beans are what eventually will be used to create fine chocolate - approximately 800 to 1000 dried beans are required to make 1kg of dark chocolate.

    --- To Bar

    I. Roasting

    Sorted beans are delicately roasted individually to bring out the nuanced flavors and aromas that come from each variety and estate we work with.

    J. Winnowing & Grinding

    Roasted beans are broken into smaller pieces and winnowed to remove the outer shell. Nibs are then ground in stages until smooth and silky.

    K. Conching

    Cacao is mixed with other ingredients and conched, which is a kneading process that optimizes flavour and texture.

    L. Tempering

    Chocolate is tempered to have the right shine and snap and placed into specially-designed moulds.

    Auro Chocolate

    Each chocolate bar is wrapped in packaging designed to emulate Filipino ethnic patterns that hold a hidden language revealing how to make chocolate from the bean.

    Our Farming Communities

    “With each chocolate bar you support Filipino farmers”

    We are currently working with 5 farmer cooperatives and 50 individual farmers that represents more than 1,000 families and 2,000 hectares of farms. Our partners are instrumental to our journey and the land that they are nurturing. The value and quality of the fine chocolate we make would not be possible without their hard work and commitment.

    Sustainable Partnerships, Empowered Farmers

    At Auro, we directly purchase our cacao beans from farmers who share our values.
    We are committed to building fair and sustainable partnerships that empower farmers to continuously improve both yield and quality. We demonstrate this through the following action steps:

  • We purchase the cacao beans with an additional 10-15% premium above the ICCO world market price that incentivizes quality and variety segregation while  improving their income significantly.
  • Our cacao expert conducts farm visits to provide better assistance on what they can further improve for a better yield.
  • We conduct training for a variety of topics such as Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), business and financial management to equip our partners with the knowledge and skills they need in cultivating their farms.
  • Community Programs

    We want to further demonstrate our commitment in creating a long-term positive impact on the lives of our partner farmers - so we have also launched community projects to improve their quality of life and open up new opportunities for their cacao and land.

    Organic Conversion Program

    The Organic Conversion Program (OCP) is an initiative we have launched to support and assist our participating partners in their organic conversion journey. We accomplish this by giving them free training on the practices, provision of inputs or facilities, and the sponsorship of their organic certification.


    Crowdfarming is a platform that enables customers to directly adopt trees from participating partner farmers in exchange of receiving the harvest in the form of chocolates. This program provides assistance for the farmers in the cultivation of their trees and an incentive provided by Auro Chocolate for their cacao.

    Top 20 Best Cacao Beans in the World

    In October 2019 during the Salon du Chocolat in Paris, France the cacao beans of Mr. Jose Saguban, our farming partner and member of Paquibato Tree Developers Cooperative, was awarded by the Cocoa of Excellence  as one of the top 20 best cacao beans out of the 223 samples coming from 55 countries. He is the first Filipino cacao farmer to win Top 20 Best Cacao from International Cacao Awards of Cocoa of Excellence.

    Heritage Meets Innovation

    Elevating the standards of Cacao production in the Philippines Auro Chocolate is innovating on Filipino cacao heritage by pushing the boundaries in every process. To elevate the production standards in the Philippines, we have a factory equipped with the latest European technology. Our facility is located in Calamba, Laguna and designed to meet the strictest international standards.

    The factory is a space for learning and collaboration so that everyone can appreciate the tree-to-bar chocolate making process as much as we do.

  • Total area: 2000 sqm.
  • Certifications:HALAL,HACCP,GMP
  • Years in operation: 4
  • Production capacity: 1 MT per day
  • Certifications

    We passionately craft all of our products from scratch at our modern factory in Calamba, Laguna that is equipped with the latest technologies and certifications (HACCP, HALAL). Our commitment to quality and innovation allows us to honor the distinctive flavors of our heirloom cacao and transform them into original recipes using time-honored techniques.

    Our Products


    Fine Filipino cacao from single estates and varieties processed with our unique post-harvest protocols to optimize flavor.


    100% pure cacao products meticulously roasted and refined.


    Quality chocolate ingredients crafted for all your baking and drinking needs.


    A wide selection of ready-to-eat, internationally awarded, tree-to-bar chocolates.

    Custom Bars

    Unique Filipino tree-to-bar chocolates customized for celebrations, collaborations and special events.

    Globally Recognized & Award-Winning

    Our passion to showcase the unique flavors found in Philippine cacao has been globally recognized by the most prestigious award-giving bodies such as Academy of Chocolate (AoC), Great Taste Award, International Chocolate Awards and Cacao of Excellence.
    Since its launch in mid-2017, Auro Chocolate has already won a total of 48 international awards.

    50% Regalo Single-Varietal Dark Chocolate (Plain/Origin Milk Chocolate)
    50% Regalo Single-Varietal Dark Chocolate (Plain/Origin Milk Chocolate)

    Local Ingredients (Plain/Origin Milk Chocolate)
    50% Regalo Single-Varietal Dark Chocolate

    Chocolate Maker (Plain/Origin Milk Chocolate)
    50% Regalo Single-Varietal Dark Chocolate

    Growing Country (Plain/Origin Milk Chocolate)

    50% Regalo Single-Varietal Dark Chocolate

    Direct Traded (Plain/Origin Milk Chocolate)
    50% Regalo Single-Varietal Dark Chocolate
    85% Mana Single-Estate Dark Chocolate (Chocolate)
    77% Dark Chocolate (Chocolate)
    55% Dark Chocolate (Chocolate)
    42% Milk Chocolate Chocolate
    55% Dark Chocolate w/Arabica Coffee (Chocolate Bars with added flavourings or ingredients)
    Peanut Chocolate (Any other hot chocolate inc. chocolate)
    Top 20 Best Cocoa Beans
    70% Dark Chocolate Tupi (Plain/Origin Dark Chocolate)
    32% White Chocolate with Moringa Pinipig (White Chocolate Bars with Inclusions or Pieces)
    Dalandan Tarragon bonbon (Dark Chocolate enrobed fruit pastes, jellies/gelee)

    Special Award for Local Ingredients
    32% White Chocolate with Moringa Pinipig (White Chocolate Bars with Inclusions or Pieces)
    100% Cacao Unsweetened Chocolate (Tablea) [Drinking Chocolate - Plain, for Milk-Based Drinks]
    70% Dark Chocolate Saloy (Tree-to-Bar category)
    70% Dark Chocolate Tupi (Tree-to-Bar)
    70% Dark Chocolate Paquibato (Tree-to-Bar)
    64% Dark Chocolate with Cacao Nibs (Bean-to-Bar Seasoned)
    42% Dark Chocolate with Cacao Nibs (Milk Bean to Bar Flavoured)
    32% White Chocolate with Mango Pili,(White Bean to Bar Flavoured)
    32% White Chocolate with Moringa Pinipig (White Bean to Bar Flavoured)
    Roasted White Chocolate Cashew Spread (Spreads - Caramel, Fruit, Milk Chocolate Spreads)
    70% Dark Chocolate Tupi (Plain/Origin Dark Chocolate)
    32% White Chocolate (Plain/Origin White Chocolate)
    32% White Chocolate with Moringa Pinipig (White Chocolate Bars with Inclusions or Pieces)
    Dalandan Tarragon bonbon (Dark Chocolate enrobed fruit pastes, jellies/gelee)
    70% Dark Chocolate Paquibato (Plain/Origin Dark Chocolate)
    70% Dark Chocolate Saloy,(Tree-to-Barcategory)
    32% Roasted White Chocolate with Cashew (Flavoured White Chocolate Bars category)
    64% Dark Chocolate
    70% Dark Chocolate Saloy


    Philippine Airlines

    Custom in-flight Auro chocolate amenity

    Shake Shack Philippines

    Custom 55% Dark Chocolate Bar and Shack AttackTM frozen custard with Auro Chocolate chunks

    Pinkberry Philippines

    Proudly Filipino Bean-to-Frozen Yogurt

    The Peninsula Manila

    Variety of decadent pastries crafted with Auro chocolate and custom Milk & Dark Chocolate Bars

    Auro Chocolate Bar Crawl

    First ever chocolate-centric crawl in one of the most frequented areas in the Philippines.

    S Maison x Auro: World Chocolate Fair 2019

    First-ever chocolate fair in the PH held in partnership with S Maison


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