MANILA – A Filipino chocolate brand is set to open a store in Tokyo’s Shibuya district.

Auro, which sources cocoa beans from Davao farms, will open at Frenity House in the Yoyogi-Uehara area on October 7.

“So often as Filipinos, we bring many foreign brands into our country and rarely is it the other way around. Japan is one of the most challenging markets to penetrate, not to mention they have some of the highest standards around the world,” read a post on Auro’s Instagram page.

“They put so much value in the quality of products they provide to their people, and we are humbled that our partners in Japan believe in us enough to bring us here! It’s crazy to think that our homegrown Filipino chocolate brand is only a little over a year old and we’re opening a store in Tokyo!” the chocolate brand added. 

“It goes to show that the Philippines has everything we need to succeed. We just need to nurture and believe in our land and our people, and eventually others will see it, too!”

Founded by Mark Ocampo and Kelly Go, Auro is considered one of the leading chocolate brands in the Philippines.

Here’s a look at Auro’s shop in Tokyo:


Article: ABS-CBN News