If you’ve  peered into confectionery shops or posh cafes in Ginza, Omotesando, Shibuya, etc., there’s no denying that Japan and Europe dominate the chocolate scene.

But as the growing demand for ethically sourced chocolate spawns a new bean-to-bar mania, new players have jumped in on the bandwagon.

AURO chocolate, an artisanal bean-to-bar brand from the Philippines is opening a store at Frenity House in Yoyogi-Uehara on October 7.  


The name “Auro” is a portmanteau of ‘AU’, the chemical symbol for gold and ‘ORO’, the Tagalog and Spanish terms for gold.


Although the Philippines may seem an unusual place for world-class chocolate-making, Auro’s Filipino founders and best friends Mark Ocampo and Kelly Go have raised the bar by investing in themselves through training courses in Germany, high-end German machinery and empowering organic farmers in Davao city.

“We go beyond “bean-to-bar” by involving ourselves in every step of the process. We offer constant support to farmers and teach them organic farming and business management fundamentals. We buy our beans at higher value to inspire quality and to give farmers the opportunity to improve their standard of living,”  reads their official website.

- AURO Chocolate

Frenity House 1-17-7 Uehara, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0064



Article: Tokyo Families Magazine