The process of chocolate production where one company is responsible for everything from the cultivation and purchase of cacao, the raw material for chocolate to the production of chocolate, is called “bean to bar” or “tree to bar”. The Philippine brand, which produces such discerning chocolates, won the British Academy of Chocolate Award in 2018. Three brands were selected: Maragos Chocolate, Auro Chocolate, and Theo & Philo Arsenal Chocolate.This time we will introduce these three brands.

1. Maragos Chocolate In the
Chocolate from the PhilippinesPhilippines, bean-to-bar is the most famous Maragos chocolate now called Maragos, but in fact it was in 2013 that the company started making chocolate. He started by making chocolate from the cacao plant of his own cacao plantation and won the first international award in 2015. Since then, he has been a pioneer who won various awards every year and put cocoa from the Philippines and chocolate from the Philippines on the world map. The winners from Maragos are 85% dark chocolate for the chocolate beverage category, silver for unsweetened chocolate and 72% chocolate, and 72% dark chocolate and 85% dark chocolate for the tree-to-bar category. Was awarded.

Chocolate Malagos

2. Auro chocolate

Auro is a brand that has just started in 2017, coined by the chemical symbol AU for gold and “oro” for Spanish and Filipino “gold”. Through the support of farmers, high-quality cacao is directly contract-produced and purchased, and chocolate is produced in factories that have introduced German machinery. In addition to an edible chocolate bar, we also make chocolate for cooking. Although it's still a new brand, high quality chocolate tastes like what you had eaten before. The package is also gorgeous. Auro Chocolate received a bronze award for 70% dark chocolate saloi reserve in the Tree to Bar category, and a bronze award for 32% roasted white chocolate cashie in the Flavor White Chocolate Bar category.

Chocolate Auro

Chocolate from the Philippines3. Theo & Philo Arsenal Chocolate From
Theo & Philo in the Flavor Milk Chocolate category, Advo flavored milk chocolate won the silver award, Toulon flavored milk chocolate, both with pine nuts and pinipig won the bronze award. Theo & Philo's “Theo” is taken from the scientific name “Theobroma Cacao” of Cacao, and Philo is the name of the founder, and comes from “Philos” which represents “love” in Greek. . Theo & Philo is a company that practices social business that purchases cacao directly from Davao farmers who cooperate with the largest NGO in the Philippines, called “Gawad Karinga”. The brand features unique Filipino flavored chocolates such as Advo flavor, Karamansi, green mango, and chili peppers. The package is also very artistic.

Theo & Philo Artisan Chocolates

These chocolates are also available at SM Mall's Kultura and Echo Store. Authentic chocolate from the Philippines has just begun, but I look forward to future developments. Please enjoy it.

* Images from each brand's website

Article: NaviManila