Filipinos are known chocoholics. From chocolate drinks to different kinds of chocolate bars, they don’t mind spending for different chocolate products from all over the world – Swiss chocolates, artisanal kinds, smooth Japanese chocolates, name it, the Filipinos will get it.

But have you tried eating premium chocolate that is proudly made in the Philippines? If not, you should definitely try Auro Chocolate.

Auro Chocolate is a proudly Filipino, bean-to-bar company that was launched in Manila House Private Membership Club last Thursday, May 11. It is a family business headed by founder and President Jacqueline Go and her daughter Kelly Go as co-managing director with partner Mark Ocampo.


Auro Chocolate: Sweet treats made from rare Philippine Cacao


The company’s main goal, aside from producing one-of-a-kind chocolate products, is to empower local farmers. They want to support these partner famers and their respective families and community livelihood by investing in their training and protection.

Auro came from the chemical symbol of gold, Au and the Spanish word for gold, oro. The brand introduced three product lines: cacao nibs, chocolate couverture, and retail chocolate bars. These are made from heirloom cacao variety that is one of the rarest and part of the 0.1% of the world’s cacao population.


Auro Chocolate: Sweet treats made from rare Philippine Cacao


The best thing we’ve tasted is the dark chocolate (64%) which has the right balance of sweetness and bitterness. Meanwhile, the milk chocolate variant (42%) has a unique milky and rich taste.


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