Each sip is a trip to the moon and back with the Everyday x Auro: The Big Bang Kit.


Auro Chocolate x The Everyday



We love it when we’re able to work with other great brands to create a unique experience for our customers that they won’t soon forget. So when our stars collided with The Everyday PH — a lifestyle brand known for practical, functional, and sustainable design — we knew that everyone was in for one big bang!

Our newest collaboration brings with it the universe cupped neatly in the palm of your hand. The Everyday created the super sleek and matte MUGXL for us— the perfect cup and saucer for our limited-edition chocobombs. Each hand-crafted chocobomb is made to look like a planet, and since it’s hand-painted no two chocobombs are exactly alike. 


 Auro Chocolate Bomb


The MUGXL’s wide brim allows us to see the chocolate cosmos unfold. The mug rests on your hands so well, the smooth ceramic keeping in the heat of the milk as the chocobomb dissolves to show a shimmering purple-blue cosmos. Raise the rim closer to your face to feel the heat of the milk and the luscious, enticing smell of the chocolate, all while watching a cosmic dance in a mug. 

The effect is almost hypnotizing: our creamy, dreamy hot chocolate is waiting to explode from inside a chocolate sphere. As you stir the chocobomb, a galaxy of glitter begins to reach every edge of the mug. Eventually, the chocobomb’s tempered chocolate outer shell melts completely to expose a center containing everything one needs to have an out of this world hot chocolate drink. Mini-marshmallows popping up from under the milk look like heavenly bodies about to find their place in outer space. 


The Everyday x Auro Chocolate : The Big Bang Kit


It’s also quite fun to give the chocobomb a crack with a spoon and expose the core of hot chocolate, mini-marshmallows, and sprinkles. Each time you drop a chocobomb in a saucer of milk, the galactic effects are always a little bit different from the last.

The entire ritual brings an out of this world experience and, apparently, one chocobomb simply isn’t enough. Everyone wanted more of our chocobombs so they could watch the universe unfold over and over. So aside from the MUGXL coming in 4 colors, our customers can also choose between buying one, two, or three of our chocobombs with each MUGXL.This limited edition set is currently available within Metro Manila and only until supplies last. 

Ready for lift-off? It’s time to take your tastebuds on an intergalactic journey so make your choice here