Auro Chocolate Bar Crawl

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Ever thought about going to one of a kind gastronomic food adventure where the best of Philippine Cacao is the center of each dish and drink.

Dive into the backdoor and unparalleled dining scene in select Metro Manila food & drink meccas with this one of a kind degustation food & drink neighborhood crawl - The Auro Chocolate Bar Crawl (a neighborhood series) with the Fat Girls Day Out. First stop, 5 amazing hubs in Poblacion.

With the theme of Auro Chocolate, our partner restaurants will be creating craft cocktails and exclusive dishes that will highlight each representation of various forms of Auro chocolate. This menu is exclusive only to those who will participate in the Aura Chocolate Bar Crawl. Chocolates are popularly known as a sweet ingredient and an essential part of decadent desserts. But with proper culinary execution, it is equally delicious in savory dishes.

Why Poblacion?

The Poblacion dining scene is the backdoor hipster counterpart of the greater Makati business district, offering an unparalleled haven for those seeking to peek into another world. A whole new dining world resurgence comes strongly into play and their playground is Poblacion. Amongst these numerous concepts, there are a few who really stand out.

Together with our local resident foodies the Fat Girls Day Out, feast your eyes and stomachs on newly created and exclusive plates – an interesting mix of traditional and fusion confluence of our 5 (five) select restaurant partners.


Experience-Centric Crawl

Get ready to tickle your tastebuds as you embark on a 5-restaurant & bar journey on this side of town! We will start our gastronomic journey with a kick of alcohol. Enjoy chocolate infused craft beers at Pedro Tap House – a place where the beer is fresh from the tap since the beginning of the brewery. For our next stop, we’ll be embarking on a Neo-Filipino food journey with Lampara where different cultural confluences comes into play with every plate of dish that they create. Next up is Polilya,  a Don Pedro Street famous spot where seamless moody lighting and eclectic furniture give their space a strong character.  We’ll heighten up your crawl experience by visiting Agimat Foraging Bar, where you can find Liquido Maestro, Kalel Demetrio and Chef Niño Laus celebrate everything indigenously Filipino. A promise of magical experience to all those who will enter their space and sample their creations- mystical, otherworldly cocktails and spellbinding food. Right towards the end of the tour is Khao Kai, where you will give you’re a whole new Thai food experience. Don’t expect your typical Pad Thais, Isan regional cooking comes strongly into play, which is considered is the culinary motherland of Thailand.


Why be part of this exclusive crawl?

Chocolate comes in many forms from bars, butters,  liquid, and nibs. And while traditionally, Filipinos would typically drink their chocolate or consume bars, this Auro Chocolate Bar Crawl invites you to enjoy the various different ways to enjoy it, whether sweet, savory or infused into a drink.

Each run of the Auro Chocolate Bar Crawl is seasonal with the partners and menu changing quarterly.

Get Exclusive Neighborhood Partner Discounts

We have curated a select number of partner establishments that will provide discounts to those who want to further explore the Poblacion area when the crawl is over.

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