Custom Bars


A wide selection of ready-to-eat, premium, and internationally awarded bean-to-bar chocolates perfect as a tasty treat or thoughtful gift.

Classic Collection

Easily enjoyable premium Philippine origin bean-to-bar chocolate for everyone, anywhere.





Premium Philippine origin bean-to-bar chocolate combined with the best produce our country has to offer in this new take on old Filipino favorites. Experience an explosion of flavor and texture!

Reserve Collection

Uncover the unique flavors of the Philippines with our most premium chocolate collection. All our Reserve bars are passionately crafted from the finest beans of a single harvest to bring out the rare, distinctive characteristics of each community and their land.




Tropical Collection

Iconic Filipino fruits, freeze dried to a crisp, coated in premium bean-to-bar chocolate. A truly single-origin product that presents the best produce of the country in an innovative way.

Gift Sets


Premium cacao and chocolate products available in different intensities for diverse applications.

100% Cacao

Couverture Coins

Couverture Blocks

Custom Bars

Unique and personal Filipino bean-to-bar chocolates customized for celebrations, collaborations and special events.

Cacao Beans

Single Estate

Single Variety