Enjoy chocolate like you’ve never before in this unique dining experience 

Auro is an international award winning, proudly Filipino bean-to-bar chocolate company that sustainably sources cacao beans from local farmers! Sorry, that was a mouth full… of chocolate. 

So what is this Auro Chocolate Bar Crawl you ask? Imagine chocolate. Not in a dessert, but in 5 innovative chocolate infused savory dishes and drinks (yes, they are alcoholic, you alcoholics!) as conceptualized by 5 of Poblacion’s best:

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But what is this Publa what? We’re glad you asked! Think grungy hipster meets the streets, meets posh dining experience in the heart of our red light district on a tropical island! Uhhh-mazing? YES, That is POBLACION!

Now enough of this babbling and come join us! We guarantee chocolate! 


Cute Tote

It holds stuff. It’s re-usable. It’s funny. It’s stylish.

Bamboo Straw

Because no one needs more plastic in the ocean.

Funky Filipino Lanyard

Expertly woven fabric by Filipino hand weavers and crafted by the super talented women of PIOPIO.

The Chocolate

Your official dessert.