Love for food, respect for its origin and the people making it.

We carry these values in everything we do and strive to reach our ultimate goal: to be known as the best Filipino chocolate company that crafts truly single-origin products where everything is grown, refined and perfected in the Philippines while providing sustainable livelihood for the cacao farmers we support.



Auro believes in genuine inclusive development.

As we grow, we want to enable our farming partners to realize their capacity to take on an active role in sustaining their farms as a business. By implementing a grassroots development approach, we do not simply impose standards and protocols.

We make sure to work closely with farmers, assess their problems and aspirations, and help them attain the necessary tools and skills they need to succeed.



We take the “bean-to-bar” concept further by understanding and involving ourselves in every step of the process.

We work hard to go beyond simply delivering the finest products by making a difference in the lives of our farming partners and their communities.Great cocoa beans begin with having the right partners. Auro directly purchases all of its cocoa beans exclusively from cacao farmers who share the same values. We are committed to building fair and sustainable partnerships that empower farmers to continuously improve both yield and quality. Rather than simply working with them, we treat them as key partners and reward them as such.




The ability of local farmers to succeed is hindered by many factors such as the lack of infrastructure, reliance on expensive agricultural inputs and poor management. To address these issues, we developed a holistic program to regularly train farmers on how to improve their agricultural practices, run their farms as a business, and play a positive role in their communities.

We are working directly with over 10 cocoa-producing cooperatives and 80 individual farmers/entrepreneurs. More than 1,000 families and 2,000 hectares of farms have benefited from our programs.




Auro’s goal is to place the Philippines on the world cocoa map as a source and producer of fine flavor cocoa and chocolate. To help achieve this, we use a unique pricing structure that offers significant price premiums to incentivize farmers to improve quality and cultivate better varieties.